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Which Countries Offer University Education For Free?

How do the world's most advanced countries offer free post-secondary education for students? Let's take a closer look. 

In Norway, public universities are free for all students - even ones from out of the country. The country has the 6th highest GDP per capita in the world.

In Sweden, university tuition is free for any students from the European Union. The country has the 14th highest GDP per capita in the world, and 7th highest in Europe.

In Luxembourg, courses at public universities taught in French, German, or Luxembourgish (yes, that’s a language) are free for all European students. It’s the wealthiest country in the world by GDP.

Most public universities in Germany are free for domestic and international students who are getting their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The only thing students have to pay is a small administrative fee.

In Greece, they take it a step further. Their constitution stipulates that all Greek citizens have the right to free education. As a result, post secondary education is free for all students living in Greece and the European Union. Socrates would be proud.

Finland offers free university education for all students coming from the EU. International students who take university courses in Finnish or Swedish are also eligible for free tuition. If you’re wondering whether all this is just a European phenomenon, it’s not.

Let’s take a look at South America. Even though it’s home to some of the least developed countries in the Western Hemisphere, they still prioritize education as a fundamental right. Here’s a sample.

In Uruguay, public education is free in Uruguay for all citizens, from childhood up until the university level. In Brazil, public universities are free for all domestic and international students. The only thing students pay is a small registration fee. Argentina and Panama? Yup, they offer free education for students at public universities too. Let’s go to Africa and the Middle East next.

In Morocco, 11 out of 13 public universities are free for all Moroccan students. Fun fact: The first university in the world was the University of Karaouine, established by Fatima Al Fihri in Morocco. In Egypt, public universities are free for all Egyptian students too.

Some other countries that offer free or nearly free post-secondary education for students at some of their universities: Denmark, Austria, Malaysia, Iceland, Malta and Czech Republic.

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