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Watch: This Sweet Moment at a Library Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Public libraries bring so much to their communities, as evidenced by a librarian who witnessed the sweetest interaction. Known on Instagram as Mychal, the young man recently shared a video about something that happened at his workplace. He says that he overheard a child asking their dad to read them a book in Spanish. The parent didn’t know any Spanish, but another child came up and offered to read it out loud. VIDEOS BY INSPIRE MORE Love in Action *Handing out Flowers to Strangers* Adorable, right? Well, the story didn’t end there! Another adult approached the dad and apologetically explained that the second child didn’t actually know any Spanish, either. As the two grown-ups shared a laugh, an older child saw the two small kids struggling with the book. Thankfully, the third child actually understood the language and wanted to help. “Can we all read the book together?” they asked before stepping in. After sharing this cute story, the librarian ended by saying that “library kids are going to save the world.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mychal (@mychal3ts) You can find the source of this story’s featured image here. Tired of all the negative news? Sign up for Smile to get the best uplifting news & stories sent to your inbox daily. Trusted by over 245,000 optimistic readers.

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