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Ryan Reynolds Just Wrote The Most Touching Tribute to Michael J. Fox

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds just shared a touching tribute to Michael J. Fox on social media, expressing deep admiration for Fox's advocacy in Parkinson's research.

This man means a lot to me. And I know he means a lot to many of you…


I know Michael J. Fox. Like, I know him pretty damn well. He’s funny. He’s warm. He’s handsome and intensely smart. He also falls a lot. Not just because he has Parkinson’s. He falls a lot because he’s unafraid to fly.

I met Mike 17 years ago. I’ve watched him raise the bar for purpose and passion. It’d be kinda lazy to simply characterize him as the greatest champion of Parkinson’s research on the planet. He’s someone who helped my dad, along with millions of others, feel less alone. It’d be kinda lazy to simply regard him as a movie star who shaped the lives of people all over the planet with a uniquely electric wit and self-aware charm. He’s the sum of these beautiful parts. And so many more.

Last year I watched Back to the Future with my 8-year-old daughter. It’s become her favourite film. And for now, that’s enough for me—and her. One more kid from one more generation sees what I saw.

I know how lucky I am to call Mike a friend. She still has no idea that I know him. I don’t need to teach my daughter the level of compassion Mike has mastered. Or teach her to tell stories the way Mike tells stories. I need to teach her that it’s OK to fall a lot.

It’s the absolute best way to know you’re flying.”

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