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WWII Vets Arrived In France to a Hero’s Welcome 80 Years After Fighting In D-Day

Over 60 heroes who fought in D-Day have landed in Paris, France, for a special anniversary celebration. The vets received a warm and heartfelt hero’s welcome upon arrival at the airport, with American flags waving and cheers filling the air.

These brave men, some as old as 107 years old, were greeted by a large crowd. They even had the chance to stand proudly while The Star-Spangled Banner played in their honor. Thanks to American Airlines and The Gary Sinise Foundation's sponsorship, a total of 70 WWII veterans were able to participate in this incredible event.

“We’re honored to play a part in helping this group of heroic veterans return to Normandy,” said AA COO David Seymour enthusiastically. After enjoying a special parade held just for them at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport before heading off on their journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

During their time in France, these amazing individuals will explore Paris before making their way to Normandy where they will visit historical sites and take part in ceremonies honoring all those who served during World War II. And on June 6th - D-Day - there will be an unforgettable ceremony at Normandy American Cemetery where almost 9400 U.S servicemen rest after bravely fighting alongside French forces against German occupation.

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