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Discover the Hidden Spaces on Planes That Keep Pilots and Crews Fresh While Flying

Ever wondered where the pilots and cabin crew go to rest during those long flights? Well, there are some secret areas on widebody aircraft that passengers can't access under any circumstance - they're called Crew Rest Compartments.

These compartments are strategically located on different parts of the plane depending on its model. On newer planes like the Boeing 787 or Airbus A350, you'll find them above the main cabin in the upper fuselage. But older aircraft might have them in the cargo hold or even within the main cabin.

Each compartment comes equipped with bunks for both pilots and cabin crew members, ensuring they get some well-deserved rest during those lengthy journeys. The Federal Aviation Administration sets strict guidelines for these areas to ensure maximum comfort and safety for all staff members.

Flight attendants like Susannah Carr from United Airlines describe these spaces as surprisingly cozy with padded mattresses, air vents, temperature controls and linens similar to business class seats. While not as spacious as a first-class seat, these bunks offer more legroom making them quite comfortable overall.

The result is similar to a Japanese capsule hotel - snug sleeping spaces complete with all essentials including oxygen masks and temperature controls. “They can be quite comfortable,” says Susannah Carr, a flight attendant with United Airlines who works on Boeing aircraft including the 787, 777 and 767.Despite being hidden away from passenger view behind doors resembling closets, flight crews appreciate having their own private space to recharge during long-haul flights.

So next time you see a pilot or flight attendant disappear into one of those mysterious doors at either end of an airplane mid-flight – don't be alarmed! They're just taking a quick break before resuming their duties refreshed and ready to assist passengers throughout their journey!

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