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Good Samaritans Risk Their Lives To Save Man From Burning Car

Five men are being recognized as heroes after risking their lives to pull a man from his burning car, saving his life. The incredible rescue was caught on video.

The driver was a 36-year-old man who experienced a seizure before losing control of his vehicle on one of Canada’s busiest highways, says Mississauga Fire. Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) say the car ploughed through a series of construction signs and smoke began to rise up from the vehicle.

The video shows the good Samaritans struggling to open the door when one of the men used a hammer to break the car window. They eventually opened the door and pulled the driver out, just minutes before the car burst into flames.

“The driver is alive because of the heroic efforts of five men who risked their lives as the vehicle began to burn with the driver still inside,” says the Ontario Provincial Police in a tweet Wednesday evening.

The fire department says the driver suffered first-degree burns but is expected to survive.

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